The ‘Virtual’ Classroom :)

I was once attracted to this new kinda learning,Tech-savvy, modern and ah so fascinating!I ‘envisioned’ the class to be a lot calmer,As everyone would be alone in a virtual corner.Teaching would finally be a smooth-sailing affair,More learnings would happen sans a yell or a stare. The journey began as we logged into a google meet,It… Continue reading The ‘Virtual’ Classroom 🙂

If I had ‘Wings’

As I gaze at the vast blue sky above me,I see birds with a flight so merry and free.I stand with my feet planted firmly in the ground,Alas! my thoughts can wander, but I can’t. If only I had wings and I could bridge those miles,I’d fly to see my folks and their sunny smiles,Also… Continue reading If I had ‘Wings’

Friends for Life

I met you when our knees bore bruises and our skirts had pleats,With well-oiled hair tied in pony-tails: so dainty and so neat.A couple of winks later you stood there as a stunning bride,As youth took over and time leapt a mammoth stride. We spent hours chatting over homework blues and candies pink,Missing a birthday… Continue reading Friends for Life

A Part of Me…..

I have met many a soul in my life,Some sparked my candle and burnt it bright,Some illuminated my path by their light,But for all those who came with a fake smile;A part of me refused to stoop down to a bond so vile. I have met many a soul in my life,Some cheered me up… Continue reading A Part of Me…..

All I Want is……

Some think I need the moon,Some say I need the stars,Some even call me a void hard to fill,But, all I need is your love until the waters flow and the mountains sit still. All I want is, my love,A gentle tug on the strings of my heart,A ‘healing’ touch on my scars,A kiss on… Continue reading All I Want is……


Signs are HIS voice, a voice that lives inside of us but sometimes it ‘fades’ in the cacophony of our lives. Signs are sometimes loud and clear, sometimes they whisper into our ears, but they never cease to exist. The ‘signs’ that came to Pooja have been a mixed bag. Sometimes they sounded as soothing… Continue reading ‘Signs’

‘Someday’ I will be ‘ME’

I have ‘discovered’ the road I must tread,Yet there is ‘something’ that is hard for me.I am at an arm’s length away from what my soul wants,Yet there is ‘something’ that is hard for me.I have found my ‘path’ and my ‘purpose’,Yet there is ‘something’ that is hard for me. Maybe there is a fear… Continue reading ‘Someday’ I will be ‘ME’

Walking through the Open Door

I walk through the open door into a bright and sunny sky above my head. The blazing sun rays burn my hair and skin, the light blinds my eyes. I do not remember ‘how’ long it was since I saw the azure sky nor do I remember when the sun-kissed my face last. ‘Claustrophobia’ was… Continue reading Walking through the Open Door

The ‘Voice’ Within Her

Don’t go off somewhere else Meera, this is your calling said a voice inside of her. The voice only gets stronger and all the ‘signs’ that she received from the universe tells her to pause and listen to it. She believes in ‘signs’ and their power; she has undergone the agony of not following them… Continue reading The ‘Voice’ Within Her

Meera’s musings

Sitting by the window on a full moon night, Meera soaks in the silver light. She thinks about him, she longs for him and while her eyes look at the beautiful night unfolding, her mind sees him. He is the one she pines for, he is the one whose voice she yearns to hear, he… Continue reading Meera’s musings